La Pirella Riding Center

Our center offers the following activities:

Trekking in the Monte Cucco National Park

Based in the foothills of the Appenine mountain range on the borders of Monte Cucco National Park. The center has a number of paths for trekking from one hour to all day. With paths for all levels. Trekking is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty og the Appenines and improve your riding ability with friends.

Trekking for experts

For small groups of expert riders full day trekking with lunch, in restaurant or pic-nic, or even moon lit trekking (metrological conditions permitting).

Dressage and show jumping lessons

With expert instructors, the students can enjoy the grace and elegance of the horse whilst improving their seat and posture.

Baby equitation

The pride of our center is our activities with the children. With numerous mini pony classes, starting with children from 3 years of age, with innovative and playful methods to improve and increase self knowledge, self-control and self-esteem, whilst socializing with other children.

Summer Camp

During the scool summer break the center offers a daily summer camp with high quality riding and stable management lessons, with the support of an English speaking riding instructor. Team sports and various preparatory activities for capacity building of "leadership qualities".

Horseball lessons

Small groups can create new, and cement existing, relationships in this group game on horseback. Improving balance and equestrian skills duringthis fun and fast moving game.

Mounted Games lessons

The centre leads in the preparation of Italian Pony Games riders of an  extremely high level (Word and European). The courses are available for 6 to 60 year olds, from basic games to eliteand international. in certain periods of the year we offer training clinics

with highly accredited national and international trainers.


  • Full livery (box o paddock) for privately owned horses;
  • British born and Brought up English teacher, and qualified riding instructor always available;
  • Possibility of cultural and relaxing excursions into the Marche and Umbria (Fabriano paper museum, Frasassi caves, Adriatic coast and beaches, medieval castles and fortresses);
  • Possibility of accomodation innearby structures of various types, country homes, appartments, B&B's and hotels.


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